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Reliable & Accurate Dharam kanda

We help to provide your business with weighing solution with our 100% Accurate weight measurement Dharam Kanda. Cheema Dharam Kanda provides the professional truck driver with accurate certified weight through the cooperative relationship with Leotronic scale. Committed to excellence and quality, our mission is to deliver accurate and reliable weight solution at the most competitive rates.

Services we provide


We have 100 ton capacity of Dharam Kanda where Dump truck (Tipper) can weigh the accurate Weight for the weight measurement.

Trucks 10-22 Tyre

We have 52 Feet long upto 100 ton capacity of dharam kanda which can weight upto 22 tyre truck easily .


we provide dharam kanda service to our farmers to weight their crops for the accurate weight.

Pickup Truck

we have dharam kanda service for Pickup trucks ( Chotta hathi) to weight their total needs for micro business needs.

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